wanted:Torker LX front seat handle

I just got my uni about a month ago and when I was doing a jump and pulling up I heard the handle crack :angry:

can I just keep using this handle until it breaks completely or should I replace it right away?

buy a replacement handle now and ride your alod one till it snaps off.

I was riding it today and pulling uo but I don’t think it will break for awhile becuase there is a enforcing rib on it where the crack ends

I have one if you are still interested in buying one.


how much?

Uh $15 CAD, and you pay shipping so probably $20 -25 total.


I think I will just wait and get a new seat

$15 is way overpriced. I’ll say $5. I was thinking my reeder handle, sorry bout that.


just search the yoopers fix or frankenyata fix, its impossible to break it , ive did it to my lx handle after it broke and its lasted 4 ever, 10 times stronger than any plastic handle ever! and all you need is some nuts bolts and washers for like 1$