WANTED: Torker LX/DX bearing caps

I’m trying to build up a cheap freestyle unicycle from a spare 20" wheelset that I have laying around and an extra Torker LX frame that I have obtained. The only catch is I’m missing the propper bearing caps to match the frame.

I have heard of many people snapping Torker frames and buying new yuni ones, so you must have an extra set of bearing caps that your not using? I would buy some united ones off of unicycle.com, but I am not sure if they will work and there is a chance that someone out there has some spare torker ones that they will never use. PM me to work out a deal.

I think you could get pretty much any unicycle designed bearing holders to “work”. Just get some and bend/drill/file it so the holes line up and tighten the bolts.

I figured I’d do that anyway, I was just checking to see if I’d be lucky enough to find a pair laying around.

Ah well, I can spare $8 bucks and buy some off UDC.