Wanted: torker LX crank arms or similar

My torker lx crank arms stripped because I accidentally put my crank arms on backwards. So now I need a new right crank arm I think. If you have it as a set I would buy that too. It would be nice if they were the torker ones or I could use some other brand as long as there strong because I tried some bike ones and they stripped within 5 hours just from jumping on them. Also if you have some troker LX pedals I could use them too for a different unicycle, or just any plastic petals that are nice.

Here they are only $25…

I have a pair of Torker LX pedals, they are pretty much brand new. The edge is a little scuffed, but they have never been used for grinding or even pedal grabs.

How much?

Maybe I’m missing something (like maybe braineatingalien has two screen names…) but since BEA originally started the thread to ask for pedals, shouldn’t he be the one to get them?

Or are you just asking for mafiamike to post the price to help out BEA?

$20 shipped.

Well I wanted to know cause I was kinda interested in them and braineatingalien only wanted s. He can have them if he wants them though cause I just realized I have some on my Torker Tx that I can switch out for other pedals.