WANTED: Torker LX 26" Frame

Hey, I’m looking for a Torker LX 26" frame so I can build a backup MUni for events or for friends to ride. I recently discovered that the LX frame can fit the width of a Kenda Kolossal, but not the height. I had tried this on my 24", so I figure if I just get the next frame size up, I’ll be set!

I don’t care the condition, as long as it ain’t broke or bent (deep scratches, ruined paint, light rust are alright). I might go ahead and buy a whole LX if you have one, I could always use the spare parts, just that college drains the ol’ finances and I wanna go out to Moab this year.

why dopnt u just get a nimbus II frame?

The distance between the bearings is different. I would have to bend the fork legs inward and it would reduce the life of bearings. Also, I weird and kinda want the satisfaction of riding a Torker LX MUni.

lol… ok :stuck_out_tongue: i guess thats a fair enough reason…