wanted:the fatest tire you can find

the fatest tire you can find

probably a 3 inch trials tire. how big of rim? some of those new cruiser style bikes have 24 inch wheels and sweet 3 inch wide tires. you could get two 3" tires, cut one side off each and sew/bind them together to have a 6’ wide tire.

It really depends on what you want to use the tire for. If it’s for a unicycle, what size unicycle do you want to put it on? Schwinn came out with a 4 x 20 incher for their new Stingray Cruiser, but it won’t fit on any standard rim. There are several other bike makers who are releasing some monster sized tired for cruisers.

Yes, the Schwinn cruiser tire is the widest bike tire I’m aware of. But you weren’t specific. So this is the true answer to your question:

This tire was created for the world’s fair (don’t rembmer which one), and supposedly had either an elevator or some sort of ferris wheel on the inside. John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacquie rode in it. Later it was moved to its current location, along I-94 near Detroit.

World’s largest tire for mining dump trucks:

Google also found me the world’s largest “tire manipulator”:

You could use a car tire. :slight_smile:

Wow, that is so cool John. Who is the rider?

That tire alone must way 70lbs…


i bet that guy can get a long still stand

Not to mention wheelwalking :stuck_out_tongue:

imagine wheelwalking it…

Seriously, the gazz is pretty much as fat as tires get, when you look at it from a reasonability standpoint. The Schwinn stingray tire-rim combo is wider than any of the hubs on the market, and also is heavy, and not veery strong.

I can’t remember. That photo was posted to an older thread here in the forum and I saved it. I can’t find that thread now to find out who the rider is. The date I have on the picture is May 7, 2003 so it was probably from a thread active way back then.

Thanks John.

Just had another thought- I reckon I could do stand up wheel walks and stand up glides on it too. Maybe even stand up, one foot glides like the Japanese freestylers.

I WANT one!!!


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My dad used to drive those giant mining dump trucks, and when it was icy out they’d have a little fun. He said they’d get them spinning and doing donuts and it was like spinning a house.

My dad’s friend also tried defecating out of one, instead of climbling down… He ended up falling and breaking his leg.


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On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 18:47:01 -0500, “GizmoDuck” wrote:

>Wow, that is so cool John. Who is the rider?

I remember having seen that pic too but can’t find it back online (how
helpful aye?). His guardian angel is in the corner of the picture, see

Here’s another fat tyre uni:
<www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/rovermuni.jpg>. Rider is Robert Flynn.

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yeah weird.? i didnt even notice till you said somthing.

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That’s very spooky :astonished:

Think of the bounce you would get on drops.

the widest tire?isnt there some sorta 3.45 inch on unicycle.com?
hoggy gb4 or somthing.

here it is,the hoggy G24

I SAID,the hoggy g-24

click to see more
Hoggy-G 24 x 3.45 Tire ( Out of Stock)
Price: $24.95

Ultra-wide, ultra glide. Inflates 40 to 65 psi. Rim not included.

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