WANTED:strong seat with handle

i realy want a good strong seat with a handle new or used

I’m replacing my KH saddle. It’s solid with a good strong handle.
It isn’t a Fusion Saddle, but I dont see any difference between them except the cover. The Fusion is £3 more than the standard KH seat on UDC. It’s completely black with the KH signiture on the back. Very stylish!

I’m getting a new one because i can’t go to seat out easily enough because of the seat’s curvy shape.

It does have a tiny tear in the bottom of the cloth, about 5mm long. I’m sure its able to be stiched up if your bothered but it isn’t getting any bigger.

The only other problem with it is that one of the bolts attaching it to the seat post has disappeared and been replaced with two screws. It’s actuly more secure now. The original bolts are badly designed.

I’d consider any offers really, it’s £25 on UDC. I can’t pay postage/packaging.

Any interests, andeakcuzz@hotmail.com