[Wanted] Street Uni in Australia?

I own a nimbus trials but am rapidly outgrowing it. i have already destroyed one set of cranks and so need something splined. But im in Australia, so if anyone lives in Aus or near, and is sellin a trials uni, pls reply!!!

Bit of a long shot but i thought i’d give it a go askin here.


nah it isnt a long shot actually… more a short shot :stuck_out_tongue:

there are a fair few aussies on these forums, it really just depends on where in aus u live!!

i live in Melbourne, along with a few others. And there are many other riders in Sydney, Brisbane, and a few in Perth…

but yeh, just pm me and i can tell ya if ya want!!

hi liam,

talk to guy at unicycle.au.com (not .com.au). its the australian branch of unicycle.com and he will help you with whatever you need.

where abouts in australia do you live?



I live in sydney, and ive looked at that webside, but my funds are a bit low, and so just thought i’d ask here to see if any1 had a second hand uni for cheep. But it looks like ill just get on from unicycle.au.com.

can we get the specs. of the trials uni you’re selling?

ATM im not selling, just looking to see if any1 was selling one in Aus that i could by, but ill sell my nimbus as soon as i get a new trials uni. It’s just a standard Nimbus Trials.

on unicycle.au.com they hav a nimbus trials with isis splined hub now for 400. im getting it in 2 1/2 months.