[Wanted] Splined uni

Hey mates,

This THred is on the behalf of my good pal Will AKA “Uni Will”, He is in dire need of a uni that is splined, he is a cheap ass and wont spend more than he absolutely has to, so dirt cheap is good, can be used, just as long as it has a useable frame and wheel set it’l work,


-Evan and Will

Get a DX, the ongoing cheap splined uni.

he wants a 2.5 tire

He can just replace it with a wider one (if he gets an 05)

It has a 2.5rim?

No, and its not a 19" rim, either. The 24"will fit a 2.5 easy, even higher, but the 20"will not fit a true 19"trials tire. You can, find a 48 spoke 19"rim ti upgrade and all that.

how about poping the from 2.0 tire from a trials bike on the DX?

That would work, I dont know how much better it would be than the stock 2.125 tire already on it. Maybe a little.

theres one: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=40003