[Wanted] splined hub and cranks

Any brand will do, just sturdy and under 130 dollars.

These are $125.

I have that hub/crank set, its brand spanking new, il sell it to you for 100

those wont work, i need 36 hole

Why are you selling it? Got any pictures?

I don’t think that the number of holes on the hub makes that big of a difference, as long as it’s more than the number of holes on the rim.

A 48 hole hub will work on a 36 hole rim.

I need a splined hub/crank set, too.

The only person i know that laces 48 holes to 36 holes is darren bedford, the wheels are well built, but i think he had to come up with his own way to calulate spoke length. and also i belive he came up with his own lacing patterns. he skiped a hole every 5 holes, and i think he laced the magority of the spokes to the out side of the hub flange.