Wanted: spined hub

i asm looking for a used but good splined hub and cranks set. I don’t have to have the cranks but it would be nice.

I would also take the wole wheel set maybe

I have a 2006 dx I bought in feb 06. I am upgading to a profile set. i can’t sell it till the end of july. it’s in good condition if your interested tell me and I can take some photos of it.

take some photos of it then pm them two me because i probably would be interested. when you pm me tell me how much it would cost

not sure on the price yet but give me your opinion… i also have the dx frame and a pair of pedals i am willing to part with.

I don’t need nothing but the hub and crank set or the whole wheel set. I’m still thinking of a price because i don’t have any money since I justgot back from the beach

do u have a picture of the whole thing from the side

This is all you need.

I need a whole wheel set though.

this quax yellow hub is good ?

so your looking for a free splind hub? :roll_eyes:

no because when i posted this I had a bunch of money then I went to the beach and spent it all

How much for exactly what is pictured, and what exactly is there? Also, what kind of pedals, used or new, and how much for them?


he isn’t selling it no more. if he was i would have had first on it. he was selling for $125. all he was selling was what was right there in the picture

i wanted to say that I am still looking and now i will either take a 48 spoke hub or a wheel set. now I would like the hub more then then wheel set because i got something to put it on now so basically now I am looking for a hub and crank set. i will probably end up getting the qu-ax hub and crank set when it is in stock unless I can find a good one for cheaper. Also I posted in another thread about looking for a nimbus ll frame well i’m still looking for one of those two maybe. i don’t really have that much money right now but I figured while I was saving to start looking. i might wait on my hub and crabnk set and buy me a nimbus ll frame off of udc and if I do i will tell that i’m not looking for one but until then I will be looking.