[Wanted] sixsixone 4x4's size MED or LARGE.

i am a cheapskate. what can i say? i got my uni from my aunt, who never used it. i got my new tire froma friend who got another one and didn’t use it very much, and i got my new KH fusion seat and post as a late birthday girft from my grandparents. i bought me some $5 wellgo pedals at a yard sale, and i’m in the process of making my $5 grind plates. my parents and i split the cost of a new Qu-ax model 1400, and i now am in need of some shinguards. badly. I learned the hard way. skinned my shin with the studs on my pedals.

so if anyone can sell me some sixsixone’s or roaches or some equivalent BMX shinguard in size Medium or large (for sixsixones) or the “19cm? above the knee” size…

OR can someone direct me to a place where i can buy them for one heck of a deal besides Ebay?

Cheap enough? http://www.nashbar.com/profile.cfm?category=&subcategory=&brand=5150&sku=11074&storetype=&estoreid=&pagename=

or this


i could hug you. but i won’t. because i’m not gay, and i’m still waiting on a yes or no to a date for someone…

Lol, so that works?

yes. it does. very well. thank you.

These are actually quite comfortable and do not slide down. They wrap all the way around too.

I get my staples out tomorrow. (from my shin vs. pedal war)

well, ah, i can get a better deal from the links above. and i don’t HAVE to have 661’s. any wrap-around shinguards will work. and they don’t have to be knee/shin guards, either. I found a pretty good deal for some FOX wrap arounds today, i might get those. but thanks for the help.

i have the fox ones and LOVE them for everyday use
i like to have knee/shin for muni (for which i use 661s) but the 661s are too cumbersome for everyday use, and I use shinguards everytime on my muni because the snafus gave me 8 stitches before i got those fox ones

shin guards

go to unicycle . com

Two year old thread.

your telling me you didnt see my ad?

it was up for weeks…finally all the idiots stopped contacting me and someone with the stones to not flake bought them…

oh, well aquababble…maybe there are some lizard skinz out there for you :wink:

EDIT: i just noticed your in Truckee! you will probobly see my pads since thats where i mailed them, crazy!!

woah! who’d you send them to?

sent to a guy named Ed


I know no Ed.

… Last name? Unicyclist username?

heres his profile…with no posts it would seem he created an acct. just to PM me about payment…What a Stud!