[Wanted] Simple GPS device (wrist or handheld.)

Hey everyone, I know a lot of us distance riders use GPS for riding stats and I’m looking to purchase a used GPS device. I only need the simplest of devices - it just has to display the GPS coordinates. I figure a few of you may have older models laying idle after upgrading to the latest and greatest so why not let it be put to use? Thanks in advance!

You can get the simplest of GPS devises on Ebay for very cheap. My Garmin 301 which does heartrate as well as GPS was 120.00 refurbished. There are 201’s that just does GPS for under a 100. refurbished.

i have a harmin vista color screen that i might sell…i dont now how much tough its like brand new…whats your range??

Being a poor college student who recently purchased a new uni, I was looking at the 50-60 range.