wanted: shin guards

looking for Roach, lizard skinz or some other shin armor with no knee protection…post pics of what you got.

Go for the 661 vegie shin wraps.
No knee protection, with velcro wrap around the leg.
I’ll post pics later.

they are £30 brand new that not that much.

I have a large pair of lizard skins. They’re used but clean, the velcro might have a few fuzzies on it from the washing machine, and you’ll see a few threads from when I sewed extra velcro on them once (to attach knee pads before I bought my new fox knee/shin combos.)

I’ll sell them to you cheap but I don’t know how much shipping will be from New York to Oregon. Might not be worth it? I don’t know.

I don’t have a camera but they look like these:

lizard.bmp (76.6 KB)

PM me with just how cheap, cheap will be. shipping sould be less than 10 bucks for Priorty Mail. just put them into one of the Bulk Rate Priorty boxes they have for free in the post office for anyone to use and the total will be less than $10

any way…PM what you want on top of that and where to send the cash. im kinda skinny so i would prefer mediums but if the price is right i will take a chance on your larges.

i wouldnt worry too much with size, i have large 661’s and i am far far from having large sized legs lol

but they fit real nice, just pull the straps abit tighter!

PM sent there digigal1

hmmmm? anyone else got anything

Sorry, I don’t get online as much as I used to.

I pm’d you. If you like the price, I’ll pm you again with my address.