[Wanted] semcycle XL 26" wheel, longer cranks, folding pedals, better seat

hi. all!

i mostly ride a 24" uni i bought used, which from looking at photos on the semcycle website looks to be a semcycle XL (it does not really say much on the frame–no model#/name; the only writing i see is some on the front of the fork it says “another semcycle product made in holland” and “WULER” on the bearing housing. it has a rigida 24x1.75" rim–may or may not be the original).

anyway, i am looking to try some alternative parts/upgrades, so please let me know if by any chance you have any of the following gathering dust somewhere that you’d be interested in selling:

  1. 26" WHEEL: looks like the same frame is used for the 24 and 26 inch models (based on this: http://store.semcycle.com/product_info.php?cPath=8_10&products_id=173) so i thought i could try a larger wheel; i think i am looking for something like this: http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=326, with bearings would be nice, but not required.

  2. SEAT–BEEFIER, MAYBE WITH HANDLE: not sure exactly what kind, but the original one is pretty hard on me on trips over 4-5 miles. the present seat attaches with 4 bolts to a curved base. the bolts are 1" and 2.5" apart (rectangle). some things i have seen that might work:
    http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=780 (says fits an XL)
    http://store.semcycle.com/product_info.php?products_id=218 (may not be much of an improvement – seems close to standard seat)

  3. PEDALS–FOLDING: looking for folding pedals so as not to damage other folks’ shins on public transportation and to fit under bus/subway seats better, so something like the MKS FD-2, 6 or 9 seems like a good idea to try (scroll down from the link half a page): http://www.sheldonbrown.com/harris/pedals.html#ezyadaptor

  4. CRANKS–150MM: currently i have what look like the standard 5" (125mm), looking to try longer ones for hills, idling.

  5. SEAT QUICK RELEASE: for ease of adjustment: http://store.semcycle.com/product_info.php?cPath=8_10&products_id=166

i am located in oakland, california (north oakland, temescal); a local trade would be great!