Wanted-Seat for Torker DX Unistar

I need a new seat for my Torker. I don’t know if there is any other seats that fit it and I don’t care if its as nice as the first seat. I need it for my dad who wants to learn to ride but when I got the Torker we had to cut the seat so I could touch the pedals so now we need a taller seat (He’s about 5’4)

You mean seat post?

yep! Thanks for correcting me!

I have an old Torker LX seat that I don’t use. I don’t know if it’s the right size to fit the clamp, though. What’s the size Torker uses for the DX (if this peaks your interest at all)?

I believe the DX is 25.4mm

EDIT: Yup. I was right. Perhaps you just want to order this seatpost. If you get it in the size 25.4 it’ll fit…and it’s only $18.

http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=271 this would even do fine for you.

yep get what brian suggested in 25.4 mm. you probably want to get a 300mm one!

Great Thanks, I purchased the one from unicycle.com that Brian recommened and it should be arriving soon!!

I was looking at the shipping prices at Unicycle.com and was wondering what joseppi’s Shipping/price would be, and if you discovered if it would fit my uni.

If you are still using the DX seat it won’t. The seatpost on an lx and dx are the same size, but an lx uses the miata style bolt pattern and the dx uses the standard 4-bolt pattern.

So I would have to get another seat too?

no, the the seatpost from UDC would work. I was referring to joseppi’s seatpost.

I got a DX post. Straight off a DX. what where you offering to pay…Including shipping?

I sent you a PM