Wanted: Schwinn Giraffe

Although, I was never really in the market to buy one, I keep losing
eBay auctions for Schwinn Giraffe unicyces, and now I’ve become
determined to buy one.


If anyone has one they might be willing sell send me an email

Jeff Sargeant jsargean@usc.edu

My Schwinn Giraffe

I have an original 1982 Schwinn Giraffe if you are still interested in purchasing one. My email is matthewk39@gmail.com

Matthew Kwek

This thread is 10 years old man, I think there’s a good chance he’s found one by now. :roll_eyes:

Also he’s 10 years older. His more recent forum handle is “ThisGuyIknow”.

I have two Schwinn Giraffes. One is an unrestored “fixer-upper” that needs a complete overhaul. The other is the first unicycle I ever owned, and the last one I will ever part with.