[Wanted] Roach or KH Shin Pads

Hey, I have been trying to find a used pair of Roach or KH knee/shin pads because I am new to unicycling and I keep falling and cutting my legs open. So I REALLY need some shin pads! If you are selling any then drop a post here or email me at marcelsbm@gmail.com Thanks in advance!


ew gross, used?

ya I’m poor, unemployed student ahah! New is good too though, just not full price!

Here are some Sette knee/shin guards, similiar design to KH/Roach/661

If you say please 661 will give you a sponsership and you can get a discount

You dont even have to say please. :stuck_out_tongue:

True that.

They would sponsor a blind monkey in a petting zoo, if its owner emailed them.

o cool, that would be great if I could get a discount from 661. But how do I go about doing this? I looked on their website and it has Bicycle, Motorcycle and Snow, but no unicycle. And there is really nothing about Canada on there either, which is where I live. Haha. Any help on getting in touch with them and working out a discount would be great. Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

Choose Bicycle. Then just include that you are a unicyclist somewhere (in the resume preferably).

If you have a video, it sure would help, and might get you an even bigger discount than the basic (premium) 40% off. Put the link in the resume…

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or Email the sponsorship coordinator (debbie martin) I believe her email adress is on the site. I dont remember it off hand.