wanted - right handed reeder!

List of people to send measurements:


:smiley: :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile: :smiley:

please :wink:


I’ll do it in both inches and millimeters, for those of you across the pond.

I don’t hate you that much :slight_smile:

here’s your measurements.

have fun with it.

that last piece is around 3.5 inches long, tip to tip, and the angle is kind of a wierd compound angle.
you’ll have to adjust that piece slightly.

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thanks so much mattabibble!

oh yeah, what size is the tubing?

i think 3/4" tubing of some sort.
I think that 3/4" EMT would work, or really any sort of tubing that size.

nice and detailed

how do those attach to a saddle? sorry but I dont know?

same place as regular handles do. just different holes

whats a reeder…

If you even glanced at this thread you would know, you dont even need to read anything.
(look up)

I have 8ft of 1" tubing, I might try my luck with a hacksaw tomorrow, since I don’t have a nice miter saw to use.

1" is the size of most bike handlebars I believe.

It’s .083" wall tubing, so it’ll be indestructible.

I am still looking for a right handed reeder handle.

Talk to Phil S. here. Phil on Uni.

Did they ever make a left handed one? How much would it be if they did? The world hates us lefties.


The unicycling world hates rightys that is why the thread was made.

I just bought a lefty Reeder when I would have rather had a righty had it been available. I am planning on modifying it somehow with bullhorns.

I could use that for trials, right?