Wanted: Right Handed Reeder Handle

Ordered a RH Reeder handle from Unicycle.com the other day, got my shipment in the mail and I was looking for my new handle but it was nowhere in the box. Then there was a note saying “we no longer stock this handle and will refund your money for the product” So yeah, I am looking for a new or used right handed reeder handle. Thanks for all your help in advance. PM me if you have anything.

Why didn’t they email or call you? seems easier than shipping an empty box with a note in it.

I ordered Defect(movie), but yeah it was still pretty stupid that they didnt email me or call me to tell me that they didnt have those in stock!! I mean I waited for a week to get the handle and everything. Then I opened it up and bam no handle!!

bummmer, I wanted one of those handles aswell. BTW, I don’t think anyone has one, I already checked…


d’you have a KH or miyata seatbase?

i could weld you something reeder-esque up if you wanted.
i’ve got a bit of practice with them, as i tried to make myself one a few months back.
turns out the tubing was too thick in diameter.

i’m not saying it’d be pretty, but it would suffice, and this time it’d be the right tubing.

Yeah I was thinking of doing the same thing myself. Cause I can get all the materials at work for free, so it wouldnt cost me anything really. The only reason I havnt done this yet is cause I have never actually seen a Reeder handle in person, so i really dont know the dimensions. If I do make one I will make one that is pretty universal that will come out in front and not really be designated left or right handed. You could use both of them. Pretty much like a bar in front that can be used as a handle for either hand, or a front bumper. I have a Viscount seat btw. If noone has a handle for sale then does neone have the dimensions for the handle?

fudge something!

maybe you’ll make a new handle!
try bending a piece of tubing to fit the general shape of the reeder!

If noone has a handle for sale, does anyone know who carries these handles? Or if the handle is even made any longer? Please post or PM me if there is. I would greatly appreciate it.

Yes, abbabibble I was thinking of doing this if the reeder is no longer available or even in production.

The “Reeder” handles were designed by Chris Reeder. The ones sold by UDC were made by George Barnes, based upon the design from Chris. George Barnes has since stopped making them - there was a post about it in RSU some time ago, but it’s hard to find. Suffice to say, if any more appear, they probably won’t be coming from the original production source.

Anyone who uses one probably won’t want to sell - they don’t bend or break, and they’re pretty comfortable.

You could contact info@gb4mfg.com. They manufacture the original reeders. See their site here.


Yeah I contacted them at gb4mfg.com and I have not seen a reply. I guess I will just fabricate up my own then.