Wanted: Rideshare to cali muni weekend from east coast

hey everybody:

I thought before I tried asking complete strangers for rides to cali, Id ask the nice, kind and sharing people at the RSU forum.

I live in Boston Mass, I have a drivers license. I have good solid road trip experiance. I have never been in any kind of accident.

I do not have a car that I can drive to california.

But I will Gladly Drive somebody else car there.

Ill help pay for gas. Im up for camping or hostels or friendly peoples floors. hotels are good too.

I can also offer free TheDan.com T-shirts to those involved.

you can email me at Dan@thedan.com or just respond to this post.

Im 17, for those who are interested. also, if anybody knows somebody on the east coast who is driving to california soon, send them my way. tell them to check out my website. it will be wicked.

Feel free to ask me anything about myself, or just consult my website, you might have heard of it, uh, thedan.com