[WANTED] Really cheap hub! (UK)

I’m after a really cheap unicycle hub for a silly project. Needs to be standard spacing (100mm between bearings) and preferably 36 hole.
Anybody got one lying around they would be willing to sell me nice and cheaply?
Or any suggestions where I could get hold of a cheap hub? I see Roger is selling Schwinn hubs for £10, but they’re a weird width.


This Maybe? you could take the frame off and have spares?


Good spot!

Hey Mike! That sounds like a great idea! And such a reasonably priced unicycle too!


Yes, I had considered that… I could use the hub, cranks and saddle. Seems a bit of a shame to scrap a perfectly good unicycle though. If nobody comes up with anything really cheap in the next few days you might have a deal Andy. Postage might be a bit of a problem though… unless somebody from my neck of the woods could pick it up for me at BUC - Mike? :slight_smile:

What’s the hub on a Dodger? Would it stand up to adults riding it?


I think the hub is the “Unicycle.com Wide CrMO Hub” but on the webpage for them, it tells us: “Will fit most unicycles except Dodgers and Pashleys.”
We could give Roger an email and find out.
On the webpage for the Dodger it says,
“These unicycles are intended for beginners and not recommended for advanced tricks or people over 11 stone.”
I don’t know how much of a problem this would be though, I’ve been told they’re pretty strong unicycles.

Picking it up from the BUC would be fine.

Take care, AndyC.

Yes, that sounds a bit dodgy (no pun intended :p)
I’ll PM Roger.


Right, Roger replied (what service :)). Looks like it’ll be strong enough for what I want, so if somebody can pick it up from BUC for me you’ve got a deal. Anybody going to BUC and Dartmoor muni weekend? Mike (Swarbrim)?

Yes. That will be fine.


Sold! Thanks guys.