Wanted: Rail adaptor with a Miyata bolt pattern

Does anyone have a rail adaptor with a Miyata bolt pattern they would be willing to sell?

Or, if not a rail adaptor, does anyone have a seat post with the Miyata pattern for sale?


  • James

i have one but its rare since it also has the brake tube. i want $60 plus shipping for it. thats alot i know but i dont really need to sell it and there aint many like this one.


Steve Howard made a few rail adapters that fit the Miyata seat. Maybe Bedford still has a few.

If you just want a standard seatpost that fits the Miyata seat then check out the GB4 universal seatpost.

I talked to Darren last week and he does’t have any.

i would consiter a trade if somone has a new KH fusion seat.

Thanks Jaguar, I’ll consider it.

And thanks for pointing out the GB4 seat post option John, the rail adaptor would be ideal but the seat post option is certainly cheaper.


i sold it tonite.