Wanted- Qu-ax splined cranks

Long shot I know, but does anyone have any 145mm Qu-ax 10 spline cranks that they would want to sell?

This flavour please:

The beefy ones for the yellow hub.

I have 170s on my 24 at the moment and I am literally going nowhere fast.



P.s. preferably in the UK as they are heavy so postage might be a little hefty otherwise.

i did have i have them on a spare unicycle now im almost certain, ill have a look and get back to ya if there not on a spare ill be up for selling i think i was looking at your profile the other day on myspace cos i saw you were from high wycome and i used to live in reading so for some reason i still associate that to being near me ha ha i now live in devon


It must be nice being in Devon rather than Reading! You may well have been on my myspace, I have lost interest in all that now, seems most of my mates have defected to facebook now. Which is fine with me, less emo hair and all those silly slanty angled photos…

If you could have a look for those cranks and let me know that would be awesome. No great rush as I am not riding much at the mo.