Wanted: Profile Hub

I know the chances are slim, but before I go to unicycle.com or Bedford, I was wondering if anyone out there might have a profile hub in decent condition that they might want to sell. PM me if you do, please.

Since you’ve got the machining tools and the skills to do your own machining, you could also ask for a Profile hub in less than decent condition suffering from axle slop. Put a couple of pins through the hub and it’d be all good again.

True. But then I can’t warranty it, which is the main reason I’m sticking with profile. If profile didn’t have a warranty, I would move to KH without a doubt.

In buying it second hand you void any warantee that profile has just to let you know. Now you might be able to swing something but chances are the whole process is going to be a bit harder.

The Profile warranty is to the original purchaser. The warranty does not transfer when purchased used.

Here’s info on the Profile warranty from the support forum at ProfileRacing.com:

Well said John…

but I think I beat you to it

did you miss the flashing avitar or something? :wink:

I also already have a set of 145mm profile cranks, if that means anything…

I saw the post. How could I miss it? :smiley:

I was looking for the official warranty statement at ProfileRacing.com and couldn’t find it. I did manage to find that laymans interpretation of the warranty. That interpretation is from the Profile rep at the forum. It’s relevant so I posted even though it was slightly redundant after your post.

That is the BMX hub, the 14mm axle is not used on the unicycle hub, i beleive that is 19mm.
It isn’t the same thing, since the unicycole hub is a combined hub and crankshaft.

The question was about the axle in the BMX hub, but the response addressed the warranty coverage for the crankarms, bottom bracket spindle, and other parts. The important thing is that warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the part.

The warranty also doesn’t cover the titanium bottom bracket spindle. I’m not sure why. Is it because of the expense? Or is the titanium spindle weaker than the steel version?

The unicycle hub is made from the chromoly bottom bracket spindle and a solid hub body (before the inside of the hub body has been machined out for the bicycle hub guts). The chromoly bottom bracket spindle used is 3/4" or about 19mm in diameter.