Wanted: Profile Hub, faulty Axle or not

I made a new thread because I figured anyone who had a hub would’ve already read the previous one and had stopped tracking it.

I am making a last ditch effort. I’ll buy a profile hub, in any condition, as long as the splines are okay and the spoke holes aren’t shot.

I’m planning on putting a pair of expanding steel lock pins through the hub shell and axle, so I don’t care at all about play in the keyway. Edit: I tried this out 4 times today on my frame, it’s extremely easy. I can describe the procedure for anyone out there who would like to know. All you need is a decent accurate drill press, a vise, and the right pins and bits and a hammer.

PM me if you’re interested.


if it ends up like Ben Plotken-Swings pinned Profile it will be pretty sweet. is that the style your going for?

I’ve never seen his hub, but I know that those pins are insanely strong. The machinist who did his might’ve used tapered solid pins, while I’m using straight roll pins. Once either of those things goes in, they NEVER come out (unless you choose to remove them).