wanted pins for snafus

hey, I need more pins for my snafu pedals. they keep falling out so im going to glue them in but now I cant find my pins for them. I only need like 5 or so.


Are the holes in the pedal body or the thread on the pins stripped? If the pins are stipped you can get more from danscomp.com. If they aren’t stripped then get some loctite and put it on the threads of the pins, they should stay in.

We have some spare Snafu pins we bought from Bedford Unicycles. However, are the holes stripped? If so, I wouldn’t bother getting new pins.

ok. thanks. Ill check if the pedal hole is stripped. I don’t think so cause it stayed in for like 2 weeks the second time I put it back in. If I order a grindplate from danscomp ill probably get some then.


Maybe just get loctite then, the pins you have might still be okay. I would try the loctite first.

the hole and pin is not stripped. I lost my extra pins so I think Ill buy some from danscomp. Thancks.


i put emory tape on my DXs after i took my pins out and it works like a charm