Wanted Pi bar

Does anyone have a Coker pi bar that they would like to sell? I’m refurbishing and putting an old Coker big one back on the road. I thought it would be nice to add a period correct pi bar. Since they are no longer the latest and the greatest, I’m hoping someone may have one hanging around collecting dust.

@Bug72 ,

I may have what you are looking for. Please take a look at the photos. I have one Pi bar installed on my 29” Nimbus, and one installed on my 36” Titan.

They aren’t collecting dust, so I would look to replace the one that I send to you. In a perfect world, you would have a non-Coker/non period-correct bar setup that you would like to trade.

Additionally, you may notice that the 29” has a period-correct Coker saddle. If you are interested in that saddle in addition to a Pi bar, maybe trading the Coker saddle for one of your Nimbus Air saddle covers might be an option?

If anyone else has another/better option for Bug72, please don’t let this post keep you from posting that offer.

@Bug72 , free to PM me.

Hi, I sent you a direct message but I don’t believe they are going through for some reason, they are not showing up in my history. I definitely would be interested in your pi bar if you are interested in selling it. Unfortunately I do not have anything to trade, my air covers are in service on my 29er and my 32 as are both of my KH touring bars

Based on @Uni2ONE2’s pictures, it reminds me the homemade handlebars thread and the recurring KH T-Bar reinforcement tweaks with a constraint at the seatpost.

So despite the supported seatpost diameter that may no longer be convenient if it requires 22.2mm, I would say that this design was ahead of its time and still relevant (or just well thought :smile: ).

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