[WANTED] pedals for moab

i need some good grippy pedals for my muni, and another set for my trials unicycle.

if someone can sell me a pair or two, or direct me to where i can get a good set for a good price, that’d be great.
By the way, i REALLY would not like wellgos. I’ve had three sets of those and they don’t work for me.


Kore platforms from blue cyclery. I like them pretty good for MUni!
What do you think about Snafu’s?

Blue Sky Cyclery! Sorry! :sunglasses:

snafus are good too.

I like those iron cross pedals…
DK’s i believe they are…

konas or snafus. both are good and semi-cheap.


Primo Tenderizers are good for muni, I have them but don’t have any to sell.

I use Kore pedals and they are verrrrrrry grippy. Be careful or they will make you bleed :astonished:

Here’s the best deal on them:


ooooh… those kore peals look really good…
i just may buy a pair o’ dems.

I have some snafus that i only used for 2 days, they are a wee-bit bent, but its not that noticable. I could bring them and you could check them out.

The Best!!!

I have these pedals on both my unicycles and they are the greatest.
They are Odyssey Pedals and are so smooth and solid. And they have the replaceable pins. Comes in defferent colors.

i’ve never liked the jimmy C’s. they just don’t grip enough for me. plus they’re really heavy. they do slide very well for grinding but i’m sure not gonna do that on my muni. the pins aren’t long enough is one problem. snafu’s are nice and concave making the pins work even better. those core pedals look pretty good, but concave would be better.