Wanted: One Monkey

Several members of our club experienced a very traumatic event during our visit to TCUC’s Regional unicycling event last April after a run-in with a little monkey on a unicycle. This particular monster seemed free to roam the room at the time, it’s mobility only restricted by the length of rigid chain held by it’s master, who shall remain nameless but his initials are Andy Cotter. We again saw this little devil at the Seafair Torchlight Parade in Seattle whipping it’s master, this time one Kevin Gilbertson, back and forth across the street as it attempted to sink it’s fangs into innocent parade-goers. This little stuffed monkey is a menace and must be captured. Only then can crowds again venture out in public to attend parades freely without worry…that is until we come up with our own little monkey to use in terrorizing parade crowds. :smiley:

We have searched and looked and can’t find such a stuffed animal monkey with the legs long enough to create such a parade toy. We’ve looked in thrift stores, on Ebay, in department stores, etc. etc. etc. but are coming up empty. We really loved the fun and crowd responses created by such a device and want to build one for ourselves. Where can we find a suitable stuffed animal? Maybe I should put out a monkey APB.


OK, my legs are a bit stumpy but I’m still growing…

einsteins little bro.jpg

Good luck finding the monkey…

And after that, good luck finding the tiny unicycle…

i assume you mean this one or a similar monkey


Aww, be nice to Sam…oh, wait a minute, you mean the monkey on the left. :slight_smile:

Yep, that would be the type. We’re looking for one just like that. We have the uni already.


that looks like a monky who underwent traumatic surgery to chabnge the size of his legs.
you could make one, i’m sure needlecraft shops have patterns for soft toys that you could adapt.

Hey, that’s a good option. Hadn’t thought of that. Thanks. I could go into business for myself, “Bruce’s Monkey Making”.

Ok folks; one Monkey joke is funny- two is a slurr. How’ed ya like it if I started post’n pictures of inflatable women on a unicycle, huh? Kinda put’s things in perspective, doesn’t it?


yeah lay off the monkeys

Sweet, where do I get one of these inflatable unicycle women? I cant wait I’m gonna get 2…

no way,ive spanked him repeatedly.the fastest ive been able to spank him is 558 mph!!

give him a spanking,you know you want to.


That little guy’s cousin lives Back East, it seems…

In Fat Tire Fury (New World Disorder II) (Freeride Mountainbike film, KH is in it) there is a guy riding a tandem bike through the city with a naked inflatable woman on the back. It’s hilarious. You should see the looks he gets.


Nice Image! I would submit it to http://www.fark.com/ for their PhotoShop rituals, but the things they would do to the people in the pic would be rough!


Where did you get the uni?

It’s an old 12" Troxel that was given to us by a very well meaning family as a donation to our club. The solid tire is broken most of the way around it’s perimeter but there is another tire that will fit it down at the local hardware store. I just have to figure out how to change it out.

I asked John Drummond once if I should pursue the new tire. His response was classic. “It’s time to retire the uni, not re-tire it.”