[Wanted] Old Kh Handles!

I want as many old kh handles as i can get, The kinda without the fancy lines runing up and down the inside of the handle.

What for?

Wrong place to post.

evan just wants them so he can say, Oh look at me Im cool I have alot of kh handles. even though none of us on this forum like him.

Normally I’d say “Zack, behave!” or something dramatic, but I agree with Zack on this subject. Evan, you don’t have to post it on every forum, just on TRADE will be enough.

Yeah Evan YOU SUCK!

Yeah yeah, I wantr toem to cut out the top, they are awesome that way.

Man Evan, You always tell me how you hate regular unicycles and your all bc. So unless your trying to make a bc wheel out of kh handles I would shut up! Oh and dont you hate being on a forum were everyone hates you?

You know what mr zack? You’re mean. I don’t like you very much.

HAHA I dont care!

Zack is too stupid to tell when he is insulting someone, or complementing them.

How about Zack, grow up?

Some of us don’t know Evan, which means we don’t hate him. Also I think it’s not right to hate anyone you’ve never met. If you’ve met them, then maybe it’s okay, but you should avoid it wherever possible.

In the event you do have to hate someone, how about not doing it here?

Anyway, hope you guys have a safe trip out to NAUCC. That’s a looooong drive I’m glad I’m not doing!

Yea, even if you don’t like Evan, you should just suck it up and ignore. That’s what I’m doing right now.

That was also quite unnecessarily mean. Don’t sink to zack’s level, be a nice guy :slight_smile:

Anyhow, Anyone got them old kh handles?

This is what i do with them, they are way better this way…


oooh, that’s pretty spiffy. I think just a reeder handle would still be better though.

You cut out my favourite part :frowning: I like leaning on the top a bit when I’m tired :confused: Why would you buy loads of KH handles and cut the top parts out though? I dont see the sense in that…

Yeah, I really want a reeder but i dont know about that slant, it scares me.

what do you mean, the slant scares you?