[Wanted] Old Kh handles

I want as many old kh handles as i can get, The kinda without the fancy lines runing up and down the inside of the handle.

How much are you willing to pay for one?

BTW. Darren Bedford would have alot of the old handles in stock and I imagine unicycle.com would as well. You might just pick up alot from them.

yeah, what for? I’ve got a couple, but I need to know how much you want it for…

I dunno, As long as they arnt cracked. I am using them to cut out the top…like this…they are soooo much better this way.


so, even though they’re better that way, why do you need as many as you can possibly get your hands on?

You should just get 1 or 2 Steve Howard handles.
They are designed that way, but they are beefy.


Go to unicycle.com or the forum and look for “Kinport Handle.”
There are 2 models. The old one was solid at the top.
Later, they are designed with a hole, much like what you are doing.
BTW, they have the KH handle for 9 each, but you’ll do better paying for a Kinport.

oh, kinport, i know what those are…well i want one to fit a kh saddle

I appologize. I overlooked that issue.

Man, you may want to switch to Miata.
It’s NOT expensive to do so, and there are MANY more options.

I snaped both my myaita bases in front and back of the post in 4 spots, and i cant afford CF

That sucks.
Of course, you’re probably aware that the GB4 stiffener eliminates the problems with the front of the seat.

I upgraded to CF and it seems to eliminate the problem in the back as well. However, the replacement plastic frame is only $10. I would have been happy enough sticking with the Miata + GB4 stiffener.

There is a stiffener coming out for the KH, but not a matching Kinport handle (that I know of).


well i think i would snap the stiffner, i keep breaking all those plates in kh saddles

I weigh 230 pounds and broke my frame several times.
Trust me, you will NOT break the GB4 unless it is a defect.
Search for comments about them on the forum.

The KH plates are thin aluminum.
The GB4 is like 1/4 thick steel.
The downside is that it rusts.
Coat it before use.

Hmmm, i might do that.