[Wanted] Old cheap 20" unicycle for teaching on

a few of my friends want to learn how to unicycle and jst got a torker 24". i was going to take the seat from taht and put my 100$ airsaddle on my torker but the post bolts are in different spots. My 20" is toooooo expensive to get scratched with the nice seat so anything cheap and already dinged up so i dont feel bad when it gets destroyed will be great. Thanks! :smiley:

hey yer well ive an elcheapo but im in oz if u r in oz thats cool but i need a torker dx 20" b4 u can hav it though so even if u r in us or anywhere if u no of a torker dx 20" 05 model 4 sale please tell me on byza_dog@hotmail.com


check Unicycle.com if you already havent…

they have some good learners there.

Try a bike shop that has nothing to do with unicycles. They sometimes will have a cheesy uni for 60 to 80 bucks. That’s where 2 of my unicycles came from (I still ride one, but the other didn’t survive a jump off of a picnic table).

i really want one thats already scratched and dinged up so i dont care what happens to it. i feel guilty for paying 60 or 80 bucks and watching the unicycle get ‘destroyed’…:stuck_out_tongue:

ah. well, in that case, i can’t help you.
sorry. try bike shops, rummage sales, stuff like that. someone might just have something.

hey i have a 24" unicycle. ill sell it for 50$ american

i would rather have a 20", but can you post some pics, it might work. thanks!