Wanted: Observations on KH 2007 (Moment) wheelset strength

so far my find have been pretty interested.

I’ve flatspotted the KH24 rim and bent the moment spindle a tad bit.

the rim is trued out now, and the spindle isn’t really noticeable, but I weigh 90 pounds.

edit: I still love this wheelset.

you never told us HOW you bent your spindle!!!
so have at it, how did it happen?

well it’s not super bent at all, but I’d imagine it was off one of the rocks in my world cup vid.

yay for rocks.


I love my moment wheel though, even if it’s not, it feels so bombproof.

I broke my '06 KH Muni rim on a fairly small drop; turned out that bacth of rims was defective, and UDC was kind enough to replace it promptly. But now I’ve upgraded to a LM rim…no going back…EVER!:smiley: