Wanted: Observations on KH 2007 (Moment) wheelset strength

People have been riding the 2007 Kris Holm components for a little while. I know a lot of people are extremely happy with them, including myself. The compatibility with bicycle cranks is great and has been very useful for customizing my 29er into a more aggressive machine.

In this thread, I’d like to hear about equipment failures or damage to the 2007 Kris Holm wheelset. My interest is mainly the hub and cranks (I use a Large Marge rim exclusively), but other failures including the rim, seat and even the frame are welcome. Where is the weak link for various parts, and how does it show?

If you have experience with Profile or the previous KH hardware iterations, I’d really like to hear a durability comparison too. If something breaks later on and you want to show us, put a picture in here and tell us what happened.

I will probably dig this thread up after months or a year and see where the community stands again.

I got the KH 2007 hub, cranks, seat, and frame.
I just don’t trust the drilled rims, even the KH one.
I got these thing now from september and nothing broke yet so it’s good :stuck_out_tongue:
Realy good looking, strong and light stuff.
No thing to say bad about it, Kris did a good job.


I have no problem trusting a drilled rim over single wall rims.

I’ve done probably a 3 foot drop on my BMX with single wall rims and 60 PSI in my tires, and my rims are fine.

I would trust a drilled KH rim for more than 5 feet easy with a big high volume tire.

i have done 6 foot drops on single wall bicycle rims on a bicycle and bent the cranks, but not the rims

… it isn’t how high you jump from, its the speed and angle at which you hit the ground… i KNOW i could jump on any learner Uni and bend the rim within 5 minuites

all i know about the KH is that I WANT ONE!!!

I dont only know, I do… LOL

KH 07 stuff looks badass… and i got a drilled tryall rim and its holding up very well…

i have the kh 07 saddle, alu post, clamp and frame.

so far i am loving them they are holding up great. havent had any real problems with them at all. there is a bit of saddle flex but not enough to warrant an issue.

the frame is a little too slippery for my liking with foot on frame tricks, but that may just be my shoes im not sure.

im happy i got them thumbs up

Ive had my kh trials for about a month now its great. The cranks and hub are light and strong, and I like the drilled rim, I dont know why you dont trust them probailer2

you dont do any foot on frame tricks:p

i have the kh 20 07 and it kicks a**
no probs so far and not expecting any.
thanks Gary!

I would really love hearing some more in the durability of the 07 KH Moment as well… I am looking at building up a trials uni… and I was considering KH hub and cranks, but then I twisted an 06 KH hub that belonged to another rider a few weeks ago, and that was only a 5 foot drop. Now I’m not so sure.

I’ve been riding profiles for 3 1/2 years with few difficulties. I know that a lot of people love their moments, but I weigh 180 lbs and tend to ride hard. (read bad technique:D )

hm :frowning:
i don’t know of an 06 hub bending … butt the new one is totally different
the unicycle is a beast minus the seat and seatpost… it takes a lot to bend the rim, but if you ride hard, you have a possibility of doing so.

i like mine A LOT, i have put it through sand, rain, pools, beach, throwing it at concrete, into fields, kicking it, even riding another unicycle over it(i didn’t do or approve of that…)

i guess to keep ppl happy i’ll say i have abused it a lot… and not go into specifics to really help him guage…

12 set
8’-10’ drops repeatedly
10 sets repeatedly
fell down a 20sumthin set :frowning:
14-15foot drop to sand…

bent the rim jumping over a 55 gallon drum and landing sideways

Ill do it for you. =p

Well, how are they holding up now?

Mine is still great. Rim, hub, and cranks are still very solid, and that’s with doing quite a few 8ish foot drops. Which there was a slope to land to, but it was to flat.

The spokes loosened after about 3 drops, so I tensioned it back that night, and went back and did the drop 4 more times, and its still sweet and true.

The frame is pretty scratched, but that just makes it look good. =p

Snafu pedals are still going good. The pins are a tiny bit banged up from grabbing, but its still plenty grippy.

Only thing I want to upgrade on it is the seat post and seat base. I dont think ill break the post anytime soon, but the post I got with it was short, and id like to have one with more room to adjust. The base is a standard plastic base, so I am getting some flex in it. Nothing bad, but id still like to go to CF.

I’ve ridden a profile hub with a eyeletted dx-32 rim for 3-4 years now (24" yuni frame with brake bosses welded on), and last summer I got a basic 2007 KH freeride muni to use on the west coast (flying unicycles across the country sucks.

Note, I certainly ride difficult trails,a nd do my share of drops, etc, but I don’t break all THAT much equipment. I’ve bent my share of pedal spindles, a few seatposts, a set of Onze cranks, and mildly tweaked a set of 170mm profiles. Oh yeah, and countless non-cf seatbases…

that said, my impressions were as follows:

-The kh frame is not as stiff as I had hoped it would be. On my yuni frame, it would flex so much I couldn’t ride up hills without the brake squealing on the rim and the tire rubbing. This got very old. When I moved to the KH, I assumed I’d be able to run <1/8" of clearance between the pads and the rim, but soon found they rubbed at clearance that “tight.” Still, the frame is plenty stiff, and certainly beats my Yuni, although I can’t imagine that aluminum frame will last as long as the Yuni frame. I have an old KH pro frame for when things go bad, so I don’t care.

-The seat was stiffer and more comfortable than I expected. I thought I would break the seatbase in a couple of rides, but in fact it took about 5-6 hard rides for the seat to get excessive flex and show signs that the steel stiffener plate had cracked. This is still unacceptably weak for me, but the KH seat isn’t aimed at riders doing 3’ rolling hops and 6-8’ rolling gaps on 16lb munis. If you do things like that, get a CF base. It’s lighter anyways. Note, i’ve also broken seats doing very steel uphill and DH riding. If you repeatedly yank really hard on your seat, or land drops onto the handle (horrible technique), you will break it.

-I hate the SIF qualities of the KH seat. I got used to it, but when I switched back to my cf derail seatbase, it was infinitely more comfortable and secure for all SIF moves.

-The snafu pedals are surprisingly durable. I picked one side of my pedalgrab pedal to be the designated “down” side for pedalgrabs, and even after 30-40 hard pedalgrabs to rough rock and stone, it hadn’t lost a pin or cracked.

-I expected a problem with the aluminum cranks and pedalgrabs, since I scratched my monty cranks to hell in one ride of pedalgrabs ages ago. Lo and behold, the KH cranks are still hardly scratched, and seem almost as abrasion resistant as the painted profile cranks.

-I hate the location and design of the brake mount on the rail adapter compared to my custom adapter, since it made it very difficult to grab the handle with one finger during technical descents. i hear that design is changing however.

-I had no problem with the wheelset in general. People who are concerned about drilled rims are being excessively hard on their equipment. I bottomed out my rim on a number of fast downhills, drops, and gaps, and never dented it or damaged the sidewalls. The rim never once came out of true once I tuned it after the first ride.

-I’ve ridden Gazzaloddi tires and an Intense DH 24x3 tire forever. These are the heaviest of the heavy DH tires, and show it in handling. Switching tot he Duro was amazing. I found my traction to be dramatically improved, turns easier and faster, and rolling to be more comfortable. In general the unicycle felt more responsive.

i’ve come to conclude the KH is by far the best muni on the market as a balance of comfort, durability, weight, and general performance. It won’t give a beginner or midelevel rider any trouble at all. Advanced riders may want to switch the seatbase to something more durable, and people who ride muni exclusively may want pedals with more grip. if you break seatposts, a thomson may be in line, but beyond these minor details, the KH is pretty close to perfect.

KH Reviews

You can see my reviews of KH Unicycles in previous posts and on reviews at MDC. I love all three of my KH’s. KH20, KH24 and KH29. the 20 and the 24 are 2007 models the 29 is a 2005 model. I do a lot of 3" drops and don’t have a problem. I also do a lot of aggressive climbing and downhilling and also no problems. SIF is fine on the 20 it is quite hard on the 24 with the rail adaptor. I have mentioned this to Kris. The only upgrade that I have done is pedals. the Jimmy Cs are slippery as hell when wet. I upgraded the pedals on all three unicycles. All three are beautifull machines and I love them!


Truthfully, I wouldn’t even expect to break even a learner on a 3 inch drop!

this is an old thread… but anyways, i can say right now… the KH moment hub will take anything you want to throw at it. check out my videos if you want proof.

That was the point of bumping it back up.

Compare the results of when the wheelset was still new, to now when it has had time to be thrashed around by all level of riders.

… well
lets just say it took a 13 foot across by 6-7 feet high gap… thats enough for me…

Thanks Jerrick :slight_smile:

My hardcore muni has equalized with only four stock parts - seat clamp, frame, rail adapter and hub. I destroyed the rail adapter repeatedly, and that’s it for the damage list on my '07 equipment. Hope to see that part improved in the near future!

Doug (nice guy) welded a rail adapter for me that won’t break, but it doesn’t fit with the Thompson, only the KH post, which just swaps the weak point. Total bummer.

All the non-stock stuff:

170mm ECHO cranks, 24" Large Marge, Thompson, CF base, Reeder, Shinburgers: Zero failures.

It was a good year.


In my earlier post I meant 3 foot drops. Sory about that typo.

Also I don’t know how hard curbs are on the rims but I have mastered riding up 7 inch sidewalk curbs on my drilled KH24. No problems, 3 foot drops might be harder on the rim but I did break a bicycle rim once by riding up sidewalk curbs.

The weakest parts of the KH are the rail adaptor on the KH24 and KH29 for SIF, the seat posts, pedals, and the saddle bases. I myself have had no problems with any of these. I weigh 62kg and have never done more than a 4 foot drop. Any of you big guys out there can easily upgrade to a Thomson Seat Post and a carbon fiber saddle base. I have upgraded my pedals on all three of my KH’s to Bontrager Big Earl and Xpedos. Well worth the money. If I ever break a seatpost I might get a Thomson. I see no reason to get a CF saddle base. I have never broken any of the stock ones.


the rim is pretty beefy
i hit the bottom step of a 12 stair… it put a small flatspot in the rim that has now found its way out of the rim. i have found that the rim has a GREAT memory to it.