Wanted - Nimbus Venture 100mm cranks

Hi Guys. I’m trying to get hold of a pair of Nimbus Venture 100mm cranks. I can get the Venture2 versions which is the new “upgraded” version and readily available everywhere, but those are not what I need, as I personaly realy don’t like the new “Venure2” upgrade - I need the original Venture’s. So can anyone help please - I live in the UK and will gladly pay delivery etc etc (paypal). If anyone has a set and prepared to sell them to me then please email me on rob@likwidart.com.
Regards - Rob.

Hello, I have one set of 100 Venture I cranks.

My version is cotterless, are you searching for the ISIS type or not?

Too bad you haven’t post earlier, I have a pair of Qu-ax ISIS 100mm that I could have added in the package (if Qu-ax instead of Nimbus Venture are fine).

I wish you to find a pal that have some nearby :slight_smile: