[wanted] nimbus ISIS trials


My friend is getting in to unicycleing further and would like to start trials/street uni.

he would like a nimbus isis trials for a reasonable price.

I am in the uk so uk sellers only please. (i cant aford shipping lol)

not many people sell them i havnt seen a second hand 1 go ever.
so where in the UK are you ?
sorry for the thread jack

and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

we’re in the kings lynn, norfolk area

You’ll be lucky if some randomer just comes along and says you can buy theirs - it’s just too unlikely.

You’re better off saving up - it isn’t that much, especially compared to what some other people save to get their really expensive unicycles.

Youd probs have more look asking for parts.

Rim = off a bike trials forum
Pedals = same / any bike forum


Yeah its unlikely anyone is going to sell their nimbus isis trials unicycle from the u.k. Just save up any buy one. they are brilliant unicycles however, i have one but would never sell it because i love it too much.

The Nimbus ISIS are relatively new and thats why its unlikely that anyone will be selling theirs. They will have had it for only a few months.

bike trials rims have different #'s of holes, don’t go there.

I don’t have a full uni for sale but I do have a frame with a wheel set for sale, its the older KH rim that is now on the nimbus trials uni’s, except it is stripped of the black.

The hub and crank set is the slightly older KH/Onza hub and crank set with 140 cranks. These where the ones used on the KH 2006’s.

There is also a seat post with the frame, I might have enough spares for a saddle also but I would have to check.

All yours for £55 including P&P

hey, pics please :smiley: because i might be interested in this, also what frame is it?

I’ll get some pics tomoz when I have I get some time off work. The frame is just a black frame I bought from unicycle.com germany site, nowt special.

Here’s some pics.

hey thanks for the pics. But i dont think i will buy it, hope you sell it :smiley:

Bargain for £55 that.

Theres no doubt that he will at that price.

yeah simon I would snap that up, you’ll have a quality rig for less than £100 once you chuck a tyre and tube on it.

I’ve kinda reserved this, so hands off please people :stuck_out_tongue:

what time did u reserve it ? coz i sent him a pm yestarday?

5:24 pm.

Hi folks.

Yeah james did get in touch with me first, so he gets first chance at it. If sale falls through though i’ll let you folks know.