[Wanted] ---- Nimbus II Frame ----

Hey guys, if any of you out there have a Nimbus II frame you would like to sell please let me know, I’d really like to get one but can’t pay the full retail price.

:open_mouth: I sold one a few weeks back to matti £17 (i think) :stuck_out_tongue:

:confused: With the exchange rate and shipping from the UK it would probably have been at the same price as a new one from UDC US anyway.

aye and what a jolly good frame it is :smiley:

I failed to specify before but its the 20" that I would like, thanks.

Dude…seriously, it’s only $42.

…and my college tuition is $45,000 a year. I’m building a new setup and I’m spending more money than I should be.

Eh, it’s less than .1% of your tuition, chump change.

Holy crap where do you go?

Northeastern University. Hey, didn’t you say you had a Nimbus II?

wow i thought my tuition fees were massive… sorry that was pointless as well…

Yeah I am keeping it though. Just take one thing you do that cost money (eating out/ stuff you buy etc) stop it and save the money till you get to 44+ shipping.

As unlikely as it is that I’ll find one, I’m still looking for it guys.

I have a Nimbus II frame collecting dust in my garage. It is missing one bearing clamp bolt though. So if you have one to retch off something else and you maybe have something to trade, we should talk. ben at hendrixequip.com