wanted! nimbus envy new or used🙏

Could anybody find a link to the cheapest nimbus envy or even a unicycle like it. Thanks​:sunglasses::wink:

I didn’t mention

I don’t care about postage and I don’t mind if I have to buy parts separately

I’m hardly an expert but until/unless someone who is speaks up… The Nimbus Envy looks like a basic trials unicycle with the steel Nimbus II frame, with a black frame, a green powder-coated rim, and a green seatpost clamp. The US unicycle.com site sells the same model as far as I can tell as the “Nimbus Gremlin.” Their price in dollars is a bit lower at current exchange rate. But you can get more or less the same unicycle with different names and color schemes from lots of places.

The best way to get a good price is to wait for it to go sale, or to watch for a nice used one on the Trading Post here.