WANTED: Nimbus Boomerang 20-inch Unicycle

I am a political comedy variety wild west entertainer and am thinking about saddling one of these bad boys up. I am currently in Virginia so I am particularly interested in hearing about anything close to Virginia or New York for less shipping.
If no one has anything used does anyone know who carries the Nimbus Boomerang 20-inch Unicycle for the cheepest? Moneys kind of tight right now.
I am also considering a 20" trials or 20" or smaller kids muni for sale for this indevor of putting a saddle uni and hopping around (bucking uni) and also doing rope tricks simultainiously. (i weight 200 pnds)
Thank you so much for any help you can offer.

Telly Cardaci
(757) 710 - 2534

Hmm. I almost think that a muni would be better suited, just because the bigger wheel might make a better impact visually. You could get a Torker DX for around $250 shipped on eBay (look for a guy called price_thumper, who has a good reputation here and on eBay; I’ve not done business with him myself). The DX has a bright red rim and cranks that would stand out, and it’ll take a serious beating day in and day out.

Good luck!

I know that the Peddler Bike Shop, Memphis TN has one that they have had for a while and they might be able to cut you a great deal. Their number is 901.327.4833. Ask for Hal and tell him that Tommy suggested that you call.