Wanted.new koxx gold edition devil.

please let me know if anyone wants to sell one. im inbeetween unis and want a koxx. i just killed my torker dx and looking to upgrade. also kh o7 20"

look on renegadejuggling.com

haha new one? then go buy a new one…awwwww…kward

no i dont want to pay that much so if anyone has one and doesnt want it i want one…

You will probably be waiting a long time.
Just buy one or get the new nimbus isis.

You could just get a new seat post/ seat?

i know but my uni is pretty musch destroyed anyway…bearing and frame cracked.

there is a new nimbus???where to get it… what site…


is it as good?

No it’s terrible, get this one bro

Get a new bearing from the local bearing store, and buy a Nimbus II frame from UDC.

but i have a 24" uni and i want a 20 in. trial uni…see my delima.

haha real funny.

He doesn’t need to get the top of the line uni after a 24 dx.

i want one that willlast. and its not like im terrible im okay.

mate if you broke your frame then go get a nimbus II frame its real cheap on udc and new bearings.

If you want a trials uni, get a nimbus isis trials or another but there is no point asking for a brand new unicycle. trading post is for old unis, very rarely a new uni makes it on here, but i mean ur even down to specifiing the colour.

I’d recomend you buy a nimbus ISIS trials, its a very good price/quality ratio

It was a joke. Sarcasm or have you not heard of it?
The nimbus is good. I’m getting one in a couple of when i get the monies. :roll_eyes: