[Wanted] Needed Even!!! 24" frame.

I am looking for a sweet or maybe just slightly sweet because you have it laying around, 24" frame. Any kind would work really and I can paint or powder coat here. Thanks

hey i have 3 that i can spare

a united 24" round crown frame ( chrome)
24" Yuni frame, pretty ugly but strong as anything, ( i rode this frame in defect so you know its good :wink: ), fits a gazzolodi 3" wide
and a 24" bedford frame, powder coated red but only fits a 2.5" tire, i bent the seat post tube and then bent it back again so its not as strong as it use to be.

im thinking, 30$ for any of them.

justin, shotty not paying shipping, yesssssss

NEW bedford frames are 55$