[WANTED] Need a unicycle good for learning

I have a 190 ish pound person wanting to learn to unicycle. Anyone have one they want to get rid of? He is not wanting break the bank. :slight_smile:

If no one has one they can sell, Could I get a list of unicycles that might be a good fit?

What would be considered breaking the bank?

where do u live because you might want a torker if u live in america?
and www.unicycle.com is probly your best bet
find something on there, i would suggest a 24" or 20"
for a learner :slight_smile:

For the US there is Also The Unicycle Shop for Torkers

yup…go with a torker

torker for sure!

also check local shops, i found a shop near me that has torker lx unis in all sizes for 80-90 bucks!! stay away from sun unis and generic junk. some suns look almost identical to the torkers, but they’re junk