WANTED - MUNI for X-mas

Hi! I not only know little about unicycles I’m quite limited in my posting abilities so please be kind and gentle!

My son has a standard unicycle that he has outgrown (out rode!) He rides almost every day and has carved a path through my horse pasture and has dreams of riding our beloved Connector Trail in Auburn on a unicycle … but he really needs one that can keep up with him.

We are looking at new ones but don’t know much and are hoping to find a nice used one instead so the horses can keep eating. We were thrilled with our used mountain bikes when we were newbies! So, is anyone out there looking to sell a MUNI that would work for him? He is 5’ 3" and growing (he’s 13)

If you can suggest an entry level new one that would keep me out of the poor house (up to $300) that would be awesome too.

Thank you one and all!!!
Muni Mom

Usually a 24" wheel is what people use for offroad and for someone his height that is probably pretty ideal. I wholeheartedly suggest this unicycle: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1050 It’s an amazingly strong unicycle for an even better price and all the parts are easily upgradeable for when he becomes an expert. Sometimes people who want to ride really far will use a larger wheel such as a 26" or a 29" but without really knowing your son’s skill level, the type of terrain hes riding on or his favorite type of riding I couldn’t really suggest anything larger than 24" given his height.

i agree with Brian, definitely the best Muni for the price.

the uni that brian posted is awesome for the price, you probably cant beat that deal, i would like one myself!

Totally agreed, the 24" is a great all round size, it’s big enough for distance, and small enough for most other stuff. And that nimbus that Brian posted a link to would be the best choice for your son, in my opinion.
A solid uni, for a decent price. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help!! That looks like it would work great.
I can’t wait for Christmas! I’ll have to post a video of my kid riding in our pasture with my horse following after him. It’s a riot!