[WANTED] Muni DVD's to buy or rent

I’m looking to buy or borrow some Muni/ Freestyle Uni and/ or Mt. Biking dvd’s. I want some inspiration from the pro’s but don’t have the budget to buy them new. (Plus, I tend to watch them once and stick them on the shelf.) If you have some to buy (or rent) to me, make an offer.


If noone has any, you can always try youtube and the video forum on this site, as there are many very good videos here that don’t need to be bought.

New world Disorder 7 was sweet to watch. Same with Manifesto. Defect is a good uni video.

Brian McKenzie has made some good unicycle movies as well, that feature all kinds of riding and makes for a really fun video, and a really inspiring one too.

Kris Holm has a few Muni videos out as well.

Google has some of these videos uploaded there to watch, and UDC sells the Kris Holm ones, and contacting Brian you can get his dvds.

Im waiting to watch New world disorder 8.

I was a bit let down by NWD8, my favorite so far has been NWD7.

the whole defect dvd is on google video

Defect DVD