Wanted: moment rollos

Hey! i was looking for some moment rollo’s last year, but couldn’t find any. does anyone have some laying around in their parts bin? willing to pay around 15 - 20 bucks, + shipping to Spokane, WA


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I should have (I’m in France)

how much? im probably going to keep looking for the next couple of weeks to see if there is anyone selling in the US of A but i will definitely keep you in mind!

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I had to look that up.
These are the KH dealers that may have or be able to get them.

the problem is moment cranks are discontinued, ergo the rollos for the moments are discontinued as well. in theory I could get some impact rollos but they would not fit as well on my cranks

Sound like KH needs to update his website. They still show them.

I checked and found a complete set Rollo + Long bolts If you need

how much would you sell them for? i think I would pay up to 30 or so USD for them shipped to the united states…

I guess price should be about same as your shipping cost estimation from France, is it acceptable ?

since the rollos and bolts are fairly small/light, you should only need to get a padded envelope and put a couple of stamps on it. in the US, you have to do one stamp per ounce. i don’t know what it is like in France though.


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I will try to calculate shipping from France

thank you! let me know

bumpity bump. still looking!

I have a pair. $30 shipped should do it. I’ll pm you for address and pics.

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FYI : He refused my proposal at 28€ long bolts and shipping included …

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