Wanted: Miyata/Toker LX saddle handle

Does anyone have an old LX laying around and will to sell the front saddle handle to me?? I can’t seem to find one on udc and I have nothing to use that will fit my CF seatbase.

Scott Wallis has spacers that allow you to use KH handles on Miyata Style bases, assuming you have the correct hole pattern. Just wanted to throw that out there.

i might sell you one. I’m trying to decide whether to part out my lx saddle. I know lpounds wants a seatpost

Oh cool, do you know where I can buy one? I couldn’t find it

let me know if you’re willing to sell it still

Surfer, do you have a miyata style seatpost?

Here’s the info page on all of Scott’s uni products. You will have to drill new holes in your seatbase and stiffener (or just seatbase if you can find a GB4 stiffener) to put bolts for the KH handle and get 4 new bolts (M6/20mm long).

Maybe my LX handle was part of a bad batch, or maybe I’m a harder rider than I think I am (probably just bad form), but mine snapped when I was just doing some long jumping. Plus it’s small and cramps all the fingers together. Much better off if you get the adapters (assuming they work) IMO.

KH handle spacer – CNC machined plastic $ 8.00
KH bumper spacer – CNC machined plastic $ 8.00

Are the two items you will want, assuming you need a back bumper as well. Has the base been drilled yet? If its been drilled for miyata I believe you will only need to add two holes for it to fit the spacers and KH hardware.

yes, in 25.4 but if i sold it I would have a seat that I couldnt use. pm an offer. and I’ll probably sell the handle.