Wanted: Miyata Seatpost - 22.2 or 25.4

Location is Canada so I would prefer to only ship from North America.

25.4 would be preferable.

Now also looking for a 26x3.0 Gazz and some used Speedplay Drilliums.

ill put up pics after i eat

Thanks a bunch

Here you go,
there is paint scratched off on the stem (from adjusting the seatpost height) with teeny bit of surface rust. the plate is in really good condition with no paint scratched off. The post was cut down and is 8 1/4 inchs in height.
Make an offer. Edit: its 25.4 if you didnt know that

Thanks a lot both. I think the torker seatpost may be a tad short for my needs. Thanks a lot for going to the trouble of pictures though.

Isaac, that looks like a good deal. I may have found a place that sells them new though. Not sure it is trustworthy.

I have a longer one.

edit: its 300mm long (never been cut down) and In better shape than this one.

Ok, do you have any idea how much it might cost to ship to Toronto, MV42C1?

I would offer you 15 and I’ll pay shipping if it’s not too ridiculous. This other seatpost is also 25.4 right?

According to this it looks like I might need 22.2 to work with any of these shims.

hmm Idk. anyone else know? I’ve never used shims

edit:this one is 25.4 too

I just calculated shipping, it would be about 15 bucks according to the postage calculator at usps.com