[Wanted] Miyata Seat

I need a Miyata seat. I wouldn’t mind going for up to $40 if it is a nice one. I do not know how much they go for but I think that is a fair price? There are none on UDC and I would like one.


also, can anybody put a picture in it if you have one to sell

buy an lx seat of udc. and a gb4 seat stiffener. except for the cover very similiar

they looked similar but i wasnt sure

The LX seat is exactly the same as a myata, from everything I’ve heard about them.

i think municycle.com has miyata saddles.

edit: yeah they do… http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=8&products_id=246

Make sure you get a post with it when you order it, they are almost impossible to find right now. I have been looking for about two months now.

i cant order from there… im in the U.S.

Yeah, the Miyatas have a different bolt pattern on the bottom, and so don’t fit interchangeably with the KH/Torker seatposts (at least, neither of the two Miyata seats I have are compatible). You need a specific seatpost. The GB4 seatpost at UDC fits both, I think.

yea i wouldnt mind getting the GB4 seatpost if i could get the seat

Yes you can. They ship worldwide, you will find most websites do that.


my mom wont let me order from out of country:(

Well then sounds like your mom needs to open up her mind to the world around her.

Why are you still looking? Order the LX seat, it’s the same as a myata.