[Wanted] Miyata saddle, seat post, or components

I have a blue Miyata flamingo from about 1983 with all original parts (with the exception of the tube) and the saddle has taken more abuse than Whitney Houston. I’m in the market for…

  1. a whole saddle (in half-decent condition, pre-1998)
  2. a front lift handle (again, pre-98)

Also interested in a 22.2mm seat post that will fit the newer miyata saddles, and possibly a saddle to go with it.

Okay, how about any miyata-style 22.2mm seat post.

just get a torker LX seat, it is basically a miyata
and sorry, I can’t find a miyata in 22.2, only 25.4 :frowning:

The LX saddle is based off the newer Miyata saddles, which have the bolts spaced further apart. And all the seat posts that fit the LX/Miyata are 25.4.

I could make do if I could find a front lift handle from, like, 10 years ago (uses two bolts, rather than the LX, which uses 3). Or I could replace the cover on an LX, and make it look like a Miyata, but, the seat post wouldn’t work…

quite the conundrum… good luck!