Wanted: Miyata or KH seat.

whole seat, used or new, whatever.

Broke mine and am looking for a decent replacement.
any color, i don’t care.


oh, i’d also buy a viscount.
any color.


well, I have an old viscount seat. It’s a little beat up. I’m not sure If I want to sell it. how much were you considering spending?

how much do you want to sell it for?

the viscount is really what i was looking for, and they cost about $25 new, so beat up, i’d offer $10 or $15+ship.

why not just buy it new for the extra 5- 10 bucks, itll be nice and new and pretty


Hey Miles, if Matt doesn’t want it and you want to sell it then I will buy it from you next time I see you (Probably cmw)

I’m not sure I want to sell it then. I don’t really need $15 that much. Spencer- I might sell it to you, I’ll have to think about it. I might put a reader handle on it or somehting, we’ll see.

i’m over at CMW as well.

i’d buy it then.

for now i’m switching seats between unicycles.

i really would like to buy this saddle.

ok, maybe. I’ll think about it. If I do sell it, I could give it to you at CMW.

that would be sweet.
i really wanna try one of these.

have you put on a KH handle yet or do i have to do that myself?
either way, it doesn;t deter me from buying…

no handle. just metal base, blue cover, and foam.

i’ll put on the handle myself then.
that’s still cool.

ive got an lx saddle

how much?

the kh handle is kinda hardish to put btw…

its only for sale with my seatpost and ill do 40 for the seat and seatpost

you can get an lx seat and seat post new for $40 on udc

eh, but for a steel, low-cost base, i’ll do the effort.
i really think it’s worth it.

i’ll take it for 15 plus shipping for just the seat if mornish decides not to sell me his.